Control panel. Cloudflare

Avui he intentant guanyar velocitat en la navegació pel bloc i he activat controlpanel/advanced/cloudflare. això ho he fet a sugeriment del técnic de vexxhost.

CloudFlare works differently than other site acceleration services (i.e. CDNs). You do not need to make any changes to your code. Instead, you can choose which subdomains you want to be accelerated and protected by CloudFlare. Subdomains are designated as “on” or “off” CloudFlare by using an orange or grey cloud.

Subdomains that receive web traffic over Port 80 are suitable to be on CloudFlare (designated by an orange cloud). Common subdomains are www, blog, etc. Click on the pencil icon and CloudFlare logo to enable subdomains.

Subdomains that do not receive web traffic or use a port other than Port 80 are not suitable to pass through CloudFlare’s network. These subdomains should be marked with a grey cloud. Examples include FTP and SSH.

If you have SSL on your website, you have two options. If your SSL is on a separate subdomain, mark the subdomain by a grey cloud. Otherwise, you will have to upgrade to CloudFlare’s Pro service to ensure your site’s SSL continues to function as expected.

You can enable CloudFlare for any of your domain names listed here. In order to enable it for a website, click on the pencil icon and click on the CloudFlare logo to enable the service.

CloudFlare is suitable for all websites, including dynamic sites, that receive web traffic. It is not suitable for websites that stream video or audio directly (embedded videos from YouTube or Vimeo are okay).

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