Aplicacions que tinc instal·lades a synology_vall

Web Station
activar “enable email notifications”  control panel/ notifications ->permet recuperar password de wordpress
photo station. per pujar fotos del mòbil al servidor:
1 seleccionar la foto al mòbil
2 seleccionar l’acció de pujat î a DS photo
3 a la aplicació DS del móbil seleccionar chose”/photo”
4 premer -> per pujar la photo (star uploading)

audio station (enllaç per a descarregar plugin de lyrics -> fujirou_musix_match-1.2.aum , fujirou_lyric_wiki-1.5.aum

CLOUD SYNC permet sincronitzar dropbox, one drive, google drive
video station
per a poder accedir-hi per internet:
1. go to control panel

2. choose router configuration

3. make sure service “video station” is enabled and assigned ports are 9025-9040.
most likely when you run “check connection” it will give you a message not tested and this isi all right.

4. go back to control panel and choose Application Portal

5. once its opened double click on edit port / alias rules

6. place a check mark “Enable customized alias” where Alis field says : “video”. this will give you an access to vide station by simply typing in the new browser window the following:

7. activate redirect from in order to avoid typing http://you_ip_address:5000/video but tryping

http://you_ip_address/video (without port number)

8. click ok all the back and dont forget to save changes.

9. this will give you access to vedeo station and others as well.

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