STUD Exercicis de prepositions

STUD Frases Català Anglès

there’s a restroom in the café.
ten miles is about sixteen kilometers.
wait for the passanger to get off the train.
our room is across the hall.
when I saw the snake, I felt fear in the pit of my stomach.
I feel sick, I always get nervous before a performance.
there has been a ban on smoking in restaurants for a couple of years.
I think you can smoke in here – everybody else is.
to run into somebody.
have a good trip.
to pass on greetings.
there’s a restroom in the café.
It takes me an hour to get home.
go straight for three blocks.
It’s fifty miles to Boston from here.
we have to get on the train now, or we will miss it.
go straight, and then turn right at the corner.
I’m off to bed now. Goodnight.
most beers are flavoured with hops.
In the mornings I like to drink freshly.
can I join you?.
I hope you can come to the barbecue.
I’m glad it’s Friday!.
did anyone offer to bring lemonade?.
my husband carried the tables by himself.
Diego offered to help us.
I need a ride.
I’ve just eaten desert.
it’s a shame that your girlfriend can’t come.
What shall I do now?.
what shall we do this evening?.
Shall we invite my ex.
Shall we dance?.
can you pick up that table by yourself?.
my son will be in fourth grade next year.
I received my diploma in 2005.
she is a beginner, so she will need extra help.
we’re study partners.
be careful when you use the scissors.
the cafeteria food is alright.
why did she miss her biology class?.
she’s a cook in the school cafeteria.
why did you fail your chemistry exam?.
our group is preparing for the dance competition.
I think I failed the exam.
my daughter always gets good grades.
I don’t have a partner for my dance class.
Peter is good at everything, even math.
I’m not good at math.
I failed the biology test.
we have three exams on wednesday!.
Is this the most advanced level?.
this textbook is at the beginner level.
he recived his diploma two years ago.
my grades are average.
what grade is she in?.
Seven minus three is four.
we’re study partners.
she is going to have a baby in December.
tell the doctor if there is any change.
she is not in his usual seat.
please, fill out these documents before your appointment.
we can take care of ourselves.
how did the hurt themselves?.
we meet daily for coffee.
I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.
my little brother still has a toothache.
our teacher didn’t prepare us for the test.
the hockey team is preparing for a game.
my daughter is in first grade.
why do we have to learn so much vocabulary?.
our school prepares students for college.
we have a spelling quiz every Friday.
the regular prices is forty dollars, but today is on sale.
I had a stomachache, but now I feel better.
h’s had a lot of alcohol, so he cann’t drive.
do I have to fill out this form again?.
they can’t look after themselves sofa.
you can lie down on the sofa.
why were you so worried?.
how much alcohol is in this drink?.
my sister only eats healthy food.
she runs every day, so she looks fit.
I’m not very fit, so I can’t run fast..
this is the best present ever.
this candy is too sweet!.
at some point today.
did they enjoy themselves?.
how did they hurt themselves?.
yeah, I’m a little thirsty.
do these exercises daily.
don’t worry, we can look after ourselves.
which form should I fill out?.
get some rest!.
she’s not in her regular seat.
did you brush your hair?.
don’t worry, we can take care of ourselves.
I ate too many candy!.
tell the doctor if there’s any change.
I’ll get some rest on Saturday.
how long does it take to become a doctor?.
we have to ask an engineer for advice.
what department does he work in?.
he became the president in 2010.
he was both an actor and a writer.
I don’t have any plans this weekend.
we have sixteen engineers on staff.
while I was talking to the receptionist, she got another call.
he’s a staff writer for a newspaper.
how many engineers are working on this project?.
talk to the engineer before you change anything.
I am not sure, but you can always ask the hotel receptionist.
It will take three years to build the bridge.
I think he earns more than me.
I’m so glad you are here.
the curtains in the living room are straight.
she said we should go west.
the restaurant is about a kilometer away from the hotel.
the subway station is across the street.
walk to the end of the hall.
our house is half a mile from here.
go south for about ten miles.
why did you become a police officer?.
I will earn almost eleven dollars an hour.
this remind me childhood memories.
when did he become president?.
have you discussed this with your wife?.
she earns ten dollars an hour.
there were a lot of businessmen on the plane.
how long will it take to build the new road?.
how many people plan to join us?.
hey! guess what!.
the king was excited when he found a cup in the box.
let’s hurry.
the king thought of the queen every day.
I’ll ask him where Peter is.
the office is across the hall.
go upstairs.
we don’t know the way to the university.
I’m sorry to bother you again.
don’t bother her on a Saturday.
the art museum is across the river.
has anybody ever seen a dragon?.
were there actually dragons in the east?.
he rode his lazy horse to the east.
the castle was somewhere in the mountains.
there might be dragons in the east.
people said the magic cup was somewhere in the east.
the king and queen were kind to everyone, even animals.
everyone who used the magic cup got better immediately.
people everywhere heard about the magic cup.
the magic cup was famous everywhere.
let ‘s hurry.
he needs to hurry!.
don’t cut all of the fruit by yourself.
tell the kids to stay in the yard.
unfortunately, my grandson has a stomachache.
that sounds great!.
can I have a burger with cheese?.
It’s a shame that they’ll miss the barbecue.
do you mind bringing a salad?.
that’s such a shame!.
my granddaughter doesn’t eat onions.
some of my friends would like to join us.
I must swim to the bottom of the lake!.
perhaps the queen is already dead!.
the king never forgot the kind farmer.
the king’s horse didn’t want to go through the fog.
the lady is responsible.
I am responsible for her protection.
there are two entries.
what is your wife’s response?.
the bridge is under construction.
these problems have no effect on us.
does she mind calling tomorrow?.
I need to earn more than nine dollars an hour.
the king was kind to everyone, even his lazy horse.
people everywhere told stories about the magic cup.
the queen was kind to everyone who needed the magic cup.
the king rode his horse into the woods.
let’s hurry up.
the king thought about his wife who was so sick.
the lazy horse was sleeping somewhere near the castle.
cool, the kids will love that game.
have they eaten yet?.
my grandson has had two cans of soda already.
unfortunately, we will be late.
I don’t mind.
Jesse is driving around when she sees a garage sale.
there were no other customers in the jewelry store.
a lot of customers were waiting in line, so I left.
she’s a salesperson at a shoe store.
I need a bigger swimsuit.
we went shopping for swimsuits.
what size do you wear?.
the lowest prices of the year.
did you look at the prices online?.
the prices are lower at the other store.
let’s buy the book online.
I was sick, but I went to work anyway.
I returned the jewels because tit was too expensive.
Cindy spent too much money in the gift shop.
he spent a hundred dollars on these earrings!.
she put the receipt in her purse.
which one do you prefer?.
I got a free drink.
our scarves are on sale for twelve dollars each.
her ex.
we’re looking for a new set of knives.
I don’t want to try on any swimsuits.
can you tell me the price of these shorts?.
I’m looking for a ring for my girlfriend.
I’m looking for some winter gloves.
you play chess, do you not?.
a monster for the children to play with.
a harmless prank of some sort, I suspect.
your name girl, if we are blood, name it.
it is I, Abigail.
take a hunk of bread.
pumpkins are the only thing I can grow.
to cure hiccup, the ill pig must be given a shock.
peppa’s new cure hasn’t worked either.
can you get the grapes from the kitchen?.
my granddaughter will have grape juice.
do we have the latest information about the trip?.
everything looks a bit soft and fuzzy.
daddy pig has lost his glasses and it makes him very grumpy.
I’ve just received a postcard from a friend in Australia.
perhaps we should get a few more postcards.
better vs. best.
the boss’ answer is positive.
this issue has nothing to do with you.
this is not an issue.
I don’t think anyone will mind.
Hey, guess who is here.
in the UK, it’s polite to stand in line.
it might be fun to go to New Zealand.
in Canada, drive on the right side of the road.
I was stuck in traffic for over an hour this morning.
here is a little description.
we are not responsible for the content.
it is a living chicken.
does the house have a spare bedroom?.
you should get more exercise.
can I give you some advice?.
we’re so glad you guys came.
in the US, most schools start in August.
she has performed in our city several times.
his performance has been average this season.
this clock is of great value.
she is in love with my brother.
he fell in love with her.
it’s fun to receive postcards from foreign countries.
she might think that you’re standing too close to her.
maybe Peppa is teasing George just a bit too much.
she wanted to go lower.
the grilled steak is fantastic.
guess who is coming.
that’s a shame.
is there anyone who can give me a ride?.
cool, let’s meet there.
my grandson is only four years old.
cool, that sounds great.
Do they mind coming early?.
could you give me a ride?.
the lions are brothers, but they don’t look like each other.
I’m leaving the farm now.
that sounds good to me!.
no, they really don’t mind.
Joseph offered to give me a ride.
does that sound ok?.
what a shame!.
Angela spends too much money on coffee.
he chose these gifts very carefully.
most people in Canada speak English or French.
before you go to a foreign country, you should learn about it.
before we leave, we should buy the last guide.
it’s a good idea to get more information.
do I need to take off my hat in the building?.
I didn’t ask him for advice.
yes, as long as you don’t disturb her.
the children’s parents are here to pick them up.
what do we have here?.
stalk and the leaves.
now you paint a flower’s petals.
really scary.
it’s just a toy dinosaur.
hello, I’m Dani dog.
I wish I had a little brother like George.
do we have a can of beans?.
all of the burgers were eaten.
that sounds great.
unfortunately, it is going to be hot on Saturday.
the older kids will look after her.
he ate three burgers by himself.
I’m glad to see you.
hey, if you’re free tonight, give me a call.
unfortunately we will be later.
angela spends too much money on cooffee.
I’m saving money for a trip to New Zealand.
perhaps we could enter the competition next year.
in the US most people like ice in theirs drinks.
in the USA, drive on the right side of the road.
in Japan, it’s best to receive a gift with both hands.
you should talk to your family before you decide.
I have an idea, let’s rent bicycles.
he bought her a ring.
don’t put this video on the internet.
we are still alive.
It is a military flight.
a cultural newspaper.
she is familiar to me.
teachers are necessary.
free wifi.
he works for an online magazine.
make sure you turn on the speakers.
log in with your username.
how did he cut himself?.
I was riding my scooter when there was a terrible storm.
be careful or you might kill yourself.
he was rock climbing when he almost killed himself.
maybe Peppa is teasing George just a bit too much.
ready or not, here I come.
it is George’s turn to hide.
how can we raise de money to fix the school roof?.
we seeded this field with oats.
turn it all into compost.
you should put a bandage on your finger.
while everybody else was skiing, I was skating on the ice.
did you hurt yourself while you were playing rugby?.
be careful, there might be a snake under that rock!.
help, my friend fell into the river!.
My aunt works as a nurse at the local hospital.
I’ve grown a beard.
he commutes every day by train.
job advert.
he’s looking at job adverts in the newspaper.
his grandma is the only grandparent who is still alive.
these living rooms are very large.
her face looks familiar.
could you get the documents from the printer?.
some students were texting during class yesterday.
I cut myself while I was washing the knifves.
he fell and hurt his head while he was playing hockey.
be careful, there might be a snake under that rock.
let’s climb one of the mountains on the island.
we were playing rugby when it started to rain.
did you cut yourself?.
she was skating really fast when she fell.
how did he hurt himself?.
he cut himself on some rocks in the river.
be careful, don’t skate so fast!.
do you have a larger bandage?.
she was camping in the mountains for a few days last week.
make sure you save your file.
you can download music online.
click here to print.
my laptop screen is too small.
save these files in a new folder.
the printer isn’t working.
how long will it take to upload my documents?.
I was using the internet at a coffee shop.
she downloaded some free music.
it’s easy to upload a photo?.
did you print the receipt?.
we keep this folder in Tom’s office.
how much pepper did you put in the soup?.
please put fewer onions in the salad.
let’s add some carrots to the salad.
half a gallon of soda.
my laptop screen is too small.
he will be going to a hip.
we have been to that club several times.
we listened to soul music when we were young.
he met several people at the concert last night.
we listen to rap and hip.
could you stand near the entrance, so I can see you?.
let’s just stand outside.
he will stand outside and wait for you.
wow! I love your hat!.
the soldier did look to the boy.
her musical career is interesting.
I am a secretary by profession.
where are the speakers?.
I haven’t uploaded the video yet.
I didn’t save the file!.
the movie screen.
can I have more salad?.
cook the garlic in oil.
there are fewer ounces in this bottle.
thirty grams is about one ounce.
he did add cheese to the pasta.
our children love playing together in the playground.
I go swimming every day.
I am not very good at skiing.
it’s just a little furtter.
can you surf?.
she is better at swimming than he is.
where is a good place to go skiing?.
let’s surf on the beach!.
which food plan did she follow?.
make love not war.
a long career.
who is the author of this book?.
how much soup did you make?.
how many carrots should we buy?.
how much sauce did you make?.
cook the pasta in about five litres of water.
add some garlic and onion to the butter.
do you want ice in your lemonade?.
these bags of potatoes weigh five kilos.
two pounds is about one kilogram.
how long should I cook the pasta?.
there are fewer ounces in this bottlee.
what is on my head?.
the horse is leaving the farm.
is there an animal in the garden?.
can dogs cook?.
is she a dancer or an actress?.
he has worked as an actor a few times.
how long has she been on the team?.
my cat never leaves the house.
he could surf for hours.
she prefers snowboarding over skiing.
that language isn’t spoken anymore.
the university was built in the 16th century.
was anybody hurt?.
the walls are painted in pink.
Arabic is spoken in parts of Africa.
she’s kept that photograph for fifteen years.
our team never wins.
I’ve been to that place before, but I can’t remember the address.
oh, what is in your ear?.
I haven’t taken any pictures yet.
if Jenna plays, she will win.
the artist has kept that painting for ten years.
he’s won twelve prizes since 1995.
the band hasn’t recorded an album since 2012.
he’s only been on stage once.
my dog always listens to me.
we might win this game.
since 2005.
why did you become a dancer?.
we have just sold our house.
how long has she been an actress?.
how many photographers have entered the competition?.
that actor has been on the TV show two times.
are you going to enter the competition?.
how many times has that actor been on the TV show?.
I’ve been to that place before.
my son wants to be a lawyer.
you aren’t the architect.
he is the team’s captain.
mi wife’s brother is a judge.
by profession.
the lawyers listen to the judge.
where are the soldiers from?.
he is the best lawyer.
Luis is not the author, is he?.
the woman is a police officer.
does Marco have a pet?.
there are no plants in the kitchen.
there is something on the floor.
four centuries ago.
this steak is served with a special sauce.
my gold necklace was stolen!.
Arabic and English are taught in schools.
all of the desserts are served with ice cream.
the carpets are cleaned every month.
the cathedral was built in the 18th century.
the message was never sent.
he’s kept the painting for twenty five years.
I haven’t played the piano since 2013.
have you ever entered a singing competition?.
I’ve just sold my car because I’m planning to ride my scooter instead.
my dog got first prize.
is anybody recording this concert?.
my dog got first prize.
I’ve only entered this competition once before.
we have light blue paint.
can you clean the toilet?.
those are Antonio’s keys.
this is my sister’s pet.
there’s a tree in front of the house.
shot on location.
a lot of films are shot on location.
the bathroom floor.
the walls are light gray.
I like light colors.
actually, we are still friends.
I’m not going out him anymore.
I hope that you’re not mad at Cindy anymore.
I think Cindy is really mad at that guy.
I think that he went to the art show with someone else.
I don’t think she’s interested in that guy.
I don’t think there are any single guys here.
I don’t think that he has any single friends.
a tall, thin person.
I think about her night and day.
the carpets are not cleaned very often.
what time is lunch served?.
they still love each other.
I hope that they have an amazing trip.
she doesn’t actually have a boyfriend.
I think I’m falling in love with you.
can you text me the address?.
I’m waiting for a friend.
that skateboard is a bit too expensive.
It’s a bit difficult to put these skates on.
can you text me later?.
we’re waiting for a table.
I think that Juan is mad about something.
I’m not going out with him anymore.
I think he should stop calling his ex.
Yeah, I’ll text you later.
I think that she’s going out with someone else.
I think she’s texting someone else.
they’re falling in love with each other.
are you still mad at me?.
I would like a glass of wine.
ice skating is my favorite sport.
were you able to go snowboarding too?.
it is just a little bit further!.
we talk about work daily.
what were you drinking that night?.
Fred was a bit worried about the missing sheep.
I do not sleep on Friday nights.
the period of hot weather is very short here.
your generation drinks juice, not alcohol.
the other mice wanted leather pants as well.
the bear loved playing the guitar, but not on stage.
the turtles packed their suitcases.
the monkey wanted the seat by the window.
can I get there by boat?.
how much further is the hotel?.
my children wanted to go snowboarding.
cool! let’s meet there.
it’s a bit too late for a snack.
some mice are waiting to talk to the singer.
is the monkey packing all of those drums into its suitcase?.
the turtles taught them about the music of Argentina.
a couple more!.
I listen to the radio every night.
is there any coffee left?.
she has a bit of time.
the TV is a bit too loud.
the seasons change.
don’t forget to pack your suitcase.
did you have more fun in India or Morocco?.
that trip was such an adventure!.
the monkey won’t stop talking about its adventures in India.
we wear boots on cold days.
we go to the park on sunny days.
you might hurt your feet on those rocks.
the water came up to my knees.
we are the older siblings.
it is home to thousands of people.
her height, which is five feet, six inches.
the white mushroom is not bitter.
he uses it whenever he wants.
t’s not very windy.
I couldn’t find my umbrella, so I wore a raincoat instead.
we lost the key to our hotel room.
I lost the guidebook, so I bought a new one.
she couldn’t find a taxi, so she missed the flight.
we sat in the back of the teatre, so we couldn’t see anything.
it’s very windy today.
after snowboarding, we went across town for some lunch.
It was sunny, so I wore a big hat.
I missed the bus, so I was late for work.
I nearly made a terrible mistake.
we missed our flight to Barcelona.
why don’t we ask for directions?.
Is he wearing a white hat?.
I feel sick whenever I see blood.
I do not know what color the tuna is.
the water came up to my knees.
she was at his side whenever he had problems.
We will welcome you here whenever you want to visit.
that’s such a big rat!.
which closet is his?.
they do business in Brazil.
many people live by themselves.
design it.
their furniture looks old.
if you have a problem, ask your neighbour for help.
turn off the television before you go to bed.
turn off the light when you leave the room.
they repaired the TV, and it’s working now.
which furniture is ours?.
he gets up early and goes to work.
business address.
I support my father.
I do not like colorful socks.
I am a beef farmer.
will these curtains look good in the living room?.
I had two roommates when I was in college.
alright, both elevators are working now.
she wanted to go further down.
we need to go across the river to get to the hotel.
let’s swim across the river.
ice skating is hard.
cool! I would love to go there.
I’m not very good at skiing.
this hotel is half.
what is the question we need to ask ourselves?.
my father usually wears a hat when he goes out.
sorry we don’t have any lemons.
can I get you anything else?.
could I get some cream for my coffee?.
It is unusual to see so much snow in March.
bears climb trees to look for honey.
let’s go skating along the beach.
raise your hand to ask a question.
we went out for a walk after dinner.
what can I get you?.
no one is too old to learn.
we raise a family.
he gets out.
could I look at a menu?.
Could I look at a menu?.
this cook isn’t great, but she’s alright.
could I get a fork?.
whose coat is it?.
I borrowed a pencil from my classmate.
we raise our children.
I ask for a plate of pasta.
I cannot sleep because of the noise.
do these shoes look good on me?.
can you pick up this bag of ice?.
are you ready to order?.
I will have toast with jam.
could I get another spoon?.
do they want anything else?.
when I go to the supermarket, I’ll buy some yogurt.
we don’t have enough mugs for everyone.
can I get you another cup of tea?.
could I get a glass of water with lemon?.
I don’t know the datails.
I want to eat inside.
they are among us.
her neighbor is always pleasant but he doesn’t say much.
he turns towards her.
she does not have enemies.
the summer is for the youth.
different countries have different cultures.
I have five siblings, three sisters and two brothers.
how long does it take to roast a turkey?.
are you wearing underwear?.
do you have underwear on?.
the gold necklace does not look good with her shirt.
we’re staying in the capital city for two days.
my friends and I are playing volleyball later.
what time are the shops closing today?.
whose tea is it?.
we might go to a club afterward.
the queen might be dead before he gets home.
let’s have a pork roast on Sunday.
have you ever tried fried ice cream?.
roast the potatoes until golden.
Is your desk next to a window?.
The TV is next to the window.
where do monkeys live?.
he never talks to his brother.
I took a few art lasses there.
we had a few problems with the computer.
I only know a few people in that class.
we didn’t make any mistakes.
Is everyone here now?.
there was an important meeting on January eleventh.
go home.
I took a few art classes there.
does everyone have a book?.
what does this word mean?.
she drank some milk, and then she felt sick.
they cried when they saw each other again.
eleven students are here today.
which classes did you enjoy the most?.
you have to take three more classes.
which one do you want?.
which one do you like?.
my mom kept some medicine in her desk at work.
why did their wives stay home?.
who does this toothbrush belong to?.
can I have a blanket?.
someone washed all of the spoons.
I’ll give you a call later.
you’re such a nice person.
are you meeting someone here?.
It’s almost eleven o’clock.
do you want to meet at the theater?.
how can I get to the airport?.
are you sure about that?.
of course, I’d love to ..
sure, I’d love to have a picnic at the park.
I’m waiting for my boyfriend.
she eats everything except fish.
when can we meet your boyfriend?.
sure, I’d love to.
everything looks beautiful!.
do they like each other?.
that’s such a pretty dress!.
I will give you a call.
we can help each other.
does your tooth hurt?.
Mary’s neck hurts when she reads.
do you know his date of birth?.
he felt sad for no reason.
the pain is not bad.
what’s wrong with your toe?.
does your neck hurt?.
see you later, take care!.
my back doesn’t hurt.
my arm hurts.
my aunt has a lot of health problems.
body soap.
his back hurts.
I heard the sound of rain on the roof.
the fields were wet after the rain.
we drove far from the city.
don’t leave the path!.
the farmer saw a snake in the field.
Is your house by the wooden bridge?.
apartment building.
she has been sick for a long time.
I have known you for a long time.
has Marco ever had a job?.
have they gone on vacations yet?.
you’ve never come to a meeting on time!.
I’ve been to London already.
Sarah has already gone to the airport.
Marco hasn’t come to class yet.
they’ve only known us for a short time.
we have never worked together.
has Sofia ever worked as a cook?.
he’s already gone.
which waiter is helping you?.
how’s it going at work?.
thank you so much!.
How do you say hello in Japanese?.
don’t forget to check your email.
have a nice evening!.
all right, see you Thursday!.
how do you write your name?.
could you, please, speak more slowly?.
of course, you’re welcome!.
how do you say your name?.
Can you repeat your last name for me?.
did they have fun in Morocco?.
they text each other every day.
hi, how’s it going?.
thanks so much.
I hope you will come with us.
what actually happened?.
when they got home, they started a hip.
the lions are brothers, but they don’t look like each other.
are you afraid to fly in a helicopter?.
excuse me, you’re sitting in my seat.
It was hot.
all of the students agreed.
of course, I’d love to.
does your finger hurt?.
my arm hurts.
has Duo ever played the guitar?.
did you call the police?.
what’s wrong here?.
they sold the company for twenty million dollars.
we sold thirteen thousand bottles of beer.
we changed the time of the picnic.
where were those documents?.
he hated working on weekends.
why does the bear hate tomatoes?.
All of the workers were late!.
how many ducks were there?.
she looked in the mirror.
we looked at some of the photos.
my uncle worked on a farm all of his life.
we ate a big meal together.
I stayed at that job for four years.
I stayed home on Saturday.
how much did the honey cost?.
the children asked too many questions.
do you like having coffee in the afternoon?.
sit down and wait for me.
do you like having wine with dinner?.
put down the camera.
she’ll visit us next month.
I have to ask my parents first.
warmer weather.
what’s today’s date?.
what is the hottest month of the year?.
how old is your oldest child?.
which trip is the most expensive?.
who is the tallest person in your family?.
who is the richest soccer player in the world?.
It’s colder at night.
watching sports on television is boring.
she loves dancing.
who do you go fishing with?.
please give each of them a pencil.
this is the longest day of the year.
are any banks open today?.
who is the richest soccer player in the world?.
their oldest child is fifteen years old.
which trip is the most expensive?.
I’m getting the cheapest pair of glasses in the store.
all of these houses are beautiful.
reading is boring.
he goes running every morning.
she loves dancing.
he plays the guitar in a band.
don’t go into that room.
are all of the windows closed?.
go past the school and turn left.
the store is between a bank and a supermarket.
there’s only one road to the village.
how many countries are there in the world?.
there’s no hospital in the village.
world languages.
call her.
don’t send too many messages.
nice to meet you too.
what is her age?.
the baby is hungry.
all ages.
babies can’t walk at that age.
they like us.
my son asks a lot of questions.
Gràcies al WordPresmy son asks a lot of questions